Adnexus deployment team gets AAPCS/Ericsson Mini-link Certified

Adnexus Communications Field Engineers and Technicians in NSW and VIC have successfully completed AAPCS Ericsson Certified training for the installation and commissioning of Ericsson Mini-links. The company’s staff ranked at the top of the training class with 100% of technicians achieving High Distinction gradings in the qualifying assessment. “This training is really about ensuring quality and consistent installations of sensitive and sophisticated equipment,” commented Adnexus Communications Managing Director, Jeff Gresham. “Our staff worked very hard whilst on the training course and our own in-house training sessions contributed to the certification.” “It was our sole intention for all staff to rate very highly in the examination as part of our commitment to quality. We are confident that these results will carry over to very smooth and defect free field deployments.”

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