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Updated Capability and Credentials Document

Adnexus has updated it’s credentials and capability document. Feel free to download and pass on.

Adnexus Capability 2013

1350 Microwave Links and Counting

Jeff Gresham comments on hitting 1300 microwave link builds:

“ Since early 2003 I have identified Tx back haul as the most dynamic part of a mobile phone network.  

ACMA Services – Frequency Licensing

Adnexus has completed the development of FastFAC  

Microwave Transmission Upgrade – QLD, NSW and VIC

Adnexus was engaged to complete Tx works on the VHA network for project Catalina.  

Rural Microwave Project

Adnexus is continuing to supply Tx services for Vodafone in NSW and VIC rural areas as part of project Xcelerate.

Rise of Fibre & Fibre Hubs?

With data starting to take centre stage in the mobile telecommunications world we are starting to see networks evolve in anticipation of the extra capacity. Jeff Gresham comments –