Going sky high with new rigging capability

Adnexus Communications has increased its portfolio of installation and commissioning services and will now offer advanced rigging services to its NSW and Victorian customers. The company has developed a Rigging Training and Certification program, implemented by Holmesglen Institute of TAFE in order to upskill technicians to perform working at height installations. The company has also recruited three advanced riggers in each state to lead the teams through the transition. Heading up the rigging division is Chris Jones. Chris is one of Australia’s most experienced RF communications rigging specialists having deployed networks and rigging projects across Australia. Prior to joining Adnexus, Chris worked with NDC, Vodafone and One Tel. “Generally, riggers like to stick purely to outdoors work. However, increasingly, the technical knowledge required to build an end to end transmission system requires technical engineering experience and RF technicians to work at height. “The fact that our technicians are now able to also perform the roles of riggers means that we can 100% guarantee the quality of our installations and it also opens up more opportunities for Adnexus to help our customers with very technical, at height installations,” commented Chris Jones, Adnexus Outdoor Construction Manager.

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