TransGrid NSW

Government Owned / High Voltage Transmission

TransGrid owns and operates a state-wide telecommunications network made up of microwave radio systems and an optical fibre network across NSW. The telecommunications network utilises an extensive range of communication towers and high voltage transmission line towers.

Project Overview


The removal and disposal of redundant communication equipment at various sites in NSW. TransGrids radio covers the whole of NSW and has links that are 3.7m in diameter covering 80km+ hops.

Each telecommunications site had legacy battery back Up, 2 phase Diesel generators, rectifiers, space diversity links. All of this redundant equipment had to be removed from a live network.

Project was broken down into three regions: North (Newcastle to Tamworth), Central (Sydney metro to Orange) and South (Picton to Wagga).

Project Approach


Key factor in winning this principle contract with TransGrid is our ISO equivalent OH&S and environmental framework. This project had a very high OH&S risk factor, Adnexus completed the project without incident.

TransGrids live network could not be disturbe during the removal, making the project technically channeling.

Adnexus supplied project management, in-field rigging and technical crews, diesel generators sub contractors, crane, logistics and salvage services to complete scope.



  • Completed on time and budget
  • Zero OHS incidents
  • Recovered and recycled over 100 tons of hardware
  • Maintained excellent customer focus throughout

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