Adnexus offers a complete microwave design & ACMA accredited licensing service, we can meet all of your spectrum licensing requirements

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Radio Spectrum Engineering & Licensing Services

Adnexus has been accredited with ACMA for over 12 years, our staff have extensive experience in coordinating licences, managing the licensing process.

We understand the mission critical roll that licensing plays in the construction and operation of networks. We acknowledge your need for a highly responsive supplier in order to address any emergency situations.

  • ACMA Licensing Process Management
  • Frequency Assignments
  • Licensing and Submission Management
  • Path Profile – PathLoss 5.0
  • FastFAC in-House software

Adnexus is an agile and adaptive, customer focussed organisation that relishes the opportunity to delivery quality services, in tight time frames.

A cornerstone of our customer centric approach is our prudent management of over-heads and efficient resource planning which allows us to deliver exceptional value for money.

Adnexus has demonstrated an ability to adhere to aggressive scheduling demands, excellent technical knowledge and service reliability
Chris Brockley

We have the ability to perform up to 20 point to point link licensing tasks per day. Please contact us for a quote, whether it is one or 1000’s of license you require Adnexus can supply the required service to meet your schedule and budget.

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