Adnexus has highly trained and organised,
teams of telecommunications riggers ready to work!

Telecommunications Rigger

Telecommunications Rigging Services Overview

Adnexus has teams of qualified telecommunications riggers to support our customers and field technicians.

Telecommunications rigging is a dangerous, highly specialised area and having experience well trained rigging group separates Adnexus from other companies. Delivering a high quality rigging function is critical to our projects, minimising errors in roll outs and ensuring the antennas and feeder systems are installed to a high standard means costs in returning to site are minimised.

Our in-house rigging group are experienced with civil construction and tower erection, installation and testing of feeder systems, LTE Hybrid, Coax Cable, Wave Guide, earthing principles, panel antennas to 3.7m microwave dish installation and associated mounting harwdare.

All rigging staff maintain the following certifications as minimum:

  • Basic Rigging & OHS
  • Working at Height and Tower Rescue
  • First Aid Certificate
  • 4WD and Remote Site Survival Training
  • Andrew Connector and Feeder Certification

We also take our riggers through basic technical installation training so they get an opportunity to expand their skills into other areas.

Adnexus has all the plant and equipment required to complete telecommunications rigging activities safely and efficiently.

Our telecommunications rigging group are ready to work, for more information please contact us.

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