1350 Microwave Links and Counting

Jeff Gresham comments on hitting 1300 microwave link builds:

“ Since early 2003 I have identified Tx back haul as the most dynamic part of a mobile phone network. With the introduction of smart phones we have seen Tx bandwidth requirements increase at a significant rate. We have upgraded some individual sites from 4E1 to 64E1 in a matter of 4 yrs. Our move back in early 2003 to concentrate on Tx deployments has paid off, we have built over 1300 links, we are an authority in Tx and now the largest tier two builder of transmission in the Australian market.

When using Adnexus for Tx deployments our customers can rest assured that the links will be built correctly the first time significantly reducing costs and pressure in high-pressure roll-outs and avoiding costly outages on “live” networks.”

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